Offley Oriental à La Carte Menu


1.  Special Hors D’oeuvres (minimum for 2)    £6.90 per head

Hot appetiser platter comprising crispy seaweed, barbequed spare ribs, chicken satay,

sesame prawns on toast & mini spring rolls

2.  Special Dim Sum Basket    £5.80

Consist of traditional Ha-Kau prawn dumplings & Sui Mai pork dumplings steamed to perfection

3.  Shanghai Grilled Pork Dumplings  £4.80

Marinated pork fillings wrapped in flour-made pastry, grilled to perfection

4.  Crispy Shredded Seaweed  £4.20

With sprinkle of grated dried fish

5.  Cantonese Crispy Spring Rolls  £4.50

Comprising shredded pork, shrimps, bamboo shoots, carrots, Chinese mushrooms

 6.  Soft Shell Crab with Hot Chilli, Pepper & Salt    £9.50 (each)

7.  “ Golden Sand “ King Prawn  (new)  £9.50

Garnish with corn flakes, seaweed and garlic flakes.

8.  Malaysian Chicken Satay Skewered       £5.50

Grilled marinated chicken on skewers with Malaysian Satay Sauce

9.  Courgette with Salt, Chilli and Pepper    £5.50

10.Wasabi King Prawn  (new)      £9.50

Mild Wasabi mayonnaise, lemon juice and garnish with Masago

11.Beijing Spare Ribs with Barbeque Sauce    £6

12.Honeyed Barbeque Spare Ribs  £5.50

13.Spare Ribs with Salt, Chilli and Pepper  £6

14.Sesame Prawn Toast      £5.50

comprising mashed prawns, sesame seed on toast

15.Smoked Shredded Chicken      £6

16.Crispy Squids with Salt, Chilli and Pepper      £8

17.Crispy King Prawns with Salt, Chilli and Pepper  £9

18.Crispy Chicken Wings  with Salt, Chilli and Pepper  £6

19.Butterfly King Prawns      £6.60

Crispy flatten king prawns with breadcrumbs



20.Crispy Aromatic Duck

Succulent duck flavoured throughout by marinating in gentie spices & Chinese herbs to enhance

the aroma, deep fried until crispy, served with pancakes, hoi sin sauce, cucumber & spring onion


£9.50 (Quarter)    £17.50 (Half)   £33 (Whole)

21.Crispy Aromatic Lamb      £8.80

Deep fried traditional well marinated shredded lamb served with lettuce & plum sauce

22.Lettuce Puff  £9

Filled with diced chicken, prawn & vegetables served with fresh lettuce & Hoi Sin Sauce


23.Cantonese Mixed Vegetables Soup  £3.30

Finely chopped carrots, Chinese mushrooms, water chestnut, bamboo shoots, baby sweet corn

& Chinese leaves

24.Won-ton Soup    £3.80

Cantonese dumplings with prawns & pork, Chinese mushrooms & bamboo shoots in a clear soup

25.Thai Tom Yum Chicken Soup  £5.80

Spicy shredded chicken soup flavoured with lemon grass, chilli & lime juice

26.Creamy Crab Meat and Sweet Corn Soup  £3.80

27.Creamy Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup  £3.50

28.Peking Hot & Sour Soup  £3.80

Shredded chicken, shrimps, Chinese Mushrooms, bamboo shoots, carrots & to-fu;

cooked in chilli vinegar soup base



29.“Squirrel-shaped Mandarin”  Fish         SP

Skilfully boned Sea Bass Fillet served in Fruity & Spicy Sauce

30.Monk Fish Slices in Oriental Spicy Sauce      £9


31.Steamed whole Fresh Sea Bass with Ginger and Spring Onion        SP

32.Fresh Sea Bass fillet cooked in authentic Thai Style  SP

33.Sauteed “Yin Yang” Dover Sole  SP

Skillfully boned Dover Sole fillets served in Oriental Spicy Sauce & braised asparagus style, a true harmony

34.Steamed Fresh Skate Wing Fish in Black Bean Sauce  SP

35. Steamed Fresh Turbot Fish in Black Bean Sauce       SP


36.Whole Fresh Lobster baked in Oriental Spicy Sauce  SP


37.Steamed Fresh Scallops in Shell with Garlic  Sauce      £3.80 (each)

38.Steamed Fresh Scallops in Shell with Black Bean Sauce    £3.80 (each)


39.Oriental Seafood Festival    £12.50

Stir Fried King Prawns, Scallops, Squid with Asparagus in homemade XO Sauce served in Bird Nest



40.Steamed Wild Tiger King Prawns with Crushed Garlic  £9.50

41.Thai Royal Spicy King Prawn (new)    £10.50

42.Sweet & Sour King Prawns Hong Kong Style      £9.50

43.Quick Fried King Prawns with Green Peppers in Black Bean Sauce    £9.50

44.Quick Fried King Prawns with Ginger & Spring Onions    £9.50

45.Szechuan Spicy  King Prawns      £9.50

     46.Quick Fried King Prawns with Cashew Nuts in Yellow Bean Sauce      £9.50


47.Malaysian Kung Pao Squid  £8

Squid stir fried with ginger, dried chilli, cashew nuts

48.Stir Fried Squid with Ginger & Spring Onions  £8

49.“Golden Fragrance” Squid  (new)    £8.50

The spice blend includes dried shrimps, curry powder, shallots and garlic.


50.Aubergine with diced Chicken in Sea Spicy Sauce Hot Pot    £8

51.Pork Belly with Pickled vegetable Hot Pot    £8.50


52.Sweet & Sour Chicken Hong Kong Style    £7.50

53.Malaysian Kung Po Spicy Chicken  £7.50

   54.Quick Fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts in Yellow Bean Sauce    £7.50

55.Honey Lemon Chicken    £7.50

56.Thai Style Mango Chicken  (new)  £9

Crispy battered chicken and fresh Mango in fruity and mild spicy sauce

 57.Szechuan Spicy Chicken  £7.50

   58.Sambal Chicken Malaysian style  £7.50

Spicy Chicken stir fried in traditional homemade chilli paste

59.Sizzling Chicken with Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce      £8

60.Sizzling Chicken with Ginger & Spring Onions  £8

61.Sizzling Chicken  with Satay Sauce  £8


62.Sweet & Sour Pork Hong Kong Style      £7.50

63.Roast Pork Cantonese Style        £7.50

64.Sliced Pork Chop with Honey & Black Pepper Sauce    £8

65.Sliced Pork Chop with Salt, Chilli & Pepper  £8


66.Roast Duck Cantonese Style      £8.50

67.Sliced Duck in Plum Sauce  £8.50



68.Deep Fried Shredded Crispy Chilli Beef      £7.50

69.Beef Fillets with Chinese Mushrooms in Oyster Sauce      £7.50

70.Beef Fillets in Chef Special Chilli Sauce    £7.80

71.Sizzling Beef Fillets with Green Peppers in Black Bean Sauce  £8

72.Sizzling Pan Fried Fillet Steak in Mongolian Sauce  (new)  £13.50

Marinate in mixture of soy sauce, hoisin sauce, rice wine, cornstarch, and sugar

73.Sizzling Pan Fried Fillet Steak Oriental Style    £12

74.Sizzling Pan Fried Fillet Steak with Ginger & Spring Onions  £12


75.Lemongrass Spicy Lamb Fillets        £8.50

76.Sizzling Lamb Fillet with Ginger & Spring Onions          £8.50

77.Sizzling Lamb Fillet with Onion in Black Pepper Sauce      £8.50

78.Rack of Lamb in Mongolian Sauce  (new)  £16.50

Marinate in mixture of soy sauce, hoisin sauce, rice wine, cornstarch, and sugar


79.Quick Fried “Bak Choi ”in Oyster Sauce  £5.90

80.Quick Fried “Bak Choi” in Garlic Sauce      £5.90

81.Veggie Feast      £5.90

Chinese cabbage, beans sprout, carrot, bamboo shoot, broccoli, courgette, mange tout,

water chestnut, Chinese mushroom

82.Fried To-Fu with Cashew Nuts in Yellow Bean Sauce  £5.90

83.Deep Fried To-Fu with Salt, Chilli and Pepper          £5.90

84.Ma Po To-Fu  £6.80

mum’s recipe, diced soft bean curd with diced beef & chilli

Service charge not included except for parties of 5 or more when a discretionary 10% will be added to your bill


 85.House Special Curry      £8

 Mixed chicken, prawns, roast pork & beef cooked with chef’s special home-made curry powder

86.Ordinary Chicken Curry    £7.50

87.Ordinary Beef Curry  £7.50

88.Ordinary King Prawn Curry  £9

89.Thai Green Chicken Curry      £8.50


90.Bean sprouts & Onions Chow Mein  £4.80

91.Chicken and Vegetables Chow Mein  £7

92.Beef and Vegetables Chow Mein  £7

   93.Singapore Vermicelli  £8

rice noodles with shredded roast pork, chicken, shrimps, beans sprout & egg,

lightly spiced with curry powder

94.Stir Fried Kway Teow    £8

Flat rice noodle with Spring onion, bean sprout, shrimps, shredded chicken, egg,

fresh chilli in original Malaysian style

95.Mixed Seafood & Vegetables Crispy Noodles  £10

With king prawns, scallops & squid in Chef’s Special Sauce


 96.Steamed Rice    £2.80

97.Egg Fried Rice    £3.20

98.Yeung Chow Special Fried Rice  £4.20

with diced roast pork, chicken, shrimps, peas & egg

99.Thai Fried Rice        £4.50

100.  Nasi Goreng    £5.80

Spicy Fried Rice with shrimps, potato, beans sprout in Malaysia style